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Indoor Throwing Schedule (All dates are in Old Gym at Jeff)

Feb 27: 5-6:30pm

March 2: 6:30-8pm

March 6: 4:30-6pm

March 9: 6:30-8pm

March 20: 4:30-6pm

March 23: 6:30-8pm

March 27: 4:30-6pm

March 30:6:30-8pm

**Hitting will be every Wednesday from 3:30-5pm at the hitting facility!



State Qualifier 2016

State Qualifier 2016

New Cages arrive in 2016 thanks to fundraising efforts!

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 Rob Martin

Position: Head Sophomore Coach, Infield and Pitching

High School: Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids
College: Kirkwood Community College

Years Coached: 23

Previous Coaching Experience and Accomplishments:

Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids- Baseball Head Sophomore Coach (2013-Present)
Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids- Baseball Assistant Sophomore Coach (2009-2012)
Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids- Football Head Freshman Coach (2014-Present)
Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids- Wrestling Assistant Coach (1994-Present)
Taft Middle School, Cedar Rapids- Football Defensive Coordinator (18 years)
Taft Middle School, Cedar Rapids- Wrestling Head 8th Grade Coach (16 years)
Xavier High School, Cedar Rapids- Head Tennis Coach (2 years)

Coaching Bio:

I have coached for many years, going clear back to my high school years when I coached baseball and wrestling at the youth level. I like to win as much as the next coach, but I measure success as a coach in seeing my athletes grow. I have coached teams that brought home state trophies and many young men that have earned State Honors. While I can’t recall every record my teams have earned, I’m very proud of the growth each of my athletes have accomplished. I feel that every team I have coached has made improvements. That’s all we can ask as coaches. I start each season with one goal for the kids. That is to get better each day at something.