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Indoor Throwing Schedule (All dates are in Old Gym at Jeff)

Feb 27: 5-6:30pm

March 2: 6:30-8pm

March 6: 4:30-6pm

March 9: 6:30-8pm

March 20: 4:30-6pm

March 23: 6:30-8pm

March 27: 4:30-6pm

March 30:6:30-8pm

**Hitting will be every Wednesday from 3:30-5pm at the hitting facility!



State Qualifier 2016

State Qualifier 2016

New Cages arrive in 2016 thanks to fundraising efforts!

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Thursday, June 25 2015

Thursday, June 25th the Iowa State Athletic Association released the 4A Substate Groups for playoffs. 6 teams are placed in each substate, with seeding to be determined up to July 4th or each teams first 30 games. Seeding is based upon points earned for each win, with a win over 4A schools worth 4 points, 3A worth 3, and so on. The total points are then divided by total number of games played. 

The number 1 seed will retain home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Once seedings are set, all 6 teams will play each other with the #1 vs #6, #2 vs #5, and #3 vs #4 playing at the higher seeded team's field. The highest seeded winner will receive a bye for the second round with the other two teams playing each other, once again with the higher seeded team in the matchup gaining home field. The winner of the second round game will play the remaining team at the highest seeded team's field in the substate final, with the winner going to the state tournament.

Substate #4, current records as of 6/25 (seedings determined by July 4th)

Cedar Rapids Jefferson J-Hawks: 17-4
Dubuque Hempstead Mustangs: 14-6
Dubuque Senior Rams: 14-7
Clinton River Kings: 9-7
Western Dubuque, Epworth Bobcats: 13-7
North Scott Lancers: 8-11


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