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Indoor Throwing Schedule (All dates are in Old Gym at Jeff)

Feb 27: 5-6:30pm

March 2: 6:30-8pm

March 6: 4:30-6pm

March 9: 6:30-8pm

March 20: 4:30-6pm

March 23: 6:30-8pm

March 27: 4:30-6pm

March 30:6:30-8pm

**Hitting will be every Wednesday from 3:30-5pm at the hitting facility!



State Qualifier 2016

State Qualifier 2016

New Cages arrive in 2016 thanks to fundraising efforts!

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Facility Updates

In 2014, our ballpark was hit by a tornado in the middle of the baseball season. Since then, a fundraising commitee has been set up specifically for field improvements. Many volunteer hours are spent improving our facilities to stay up to date with area schools and creating a competitive environment for our athletes. On this page, you will find a link to the fundraising committee donation page as well as the latest improvement, desired goals and improvements, and additional ways to be involved. Thank you for supporting J-Hawk Baseball from all of the players and coaches!

J-Hawk Facilities Foundation

The J-Hawk Facilities Foundation, created by dedicated parents and individuals, was designed specifically to raise money for Baseball Field Improvements. The J-Hawk baseball program wants to thank all those who have donated time and money to improving our facilities, especially the committee members of the Foundation.

President: Jarrod Wood
Vice-President: Cherokee Render
Secretary: Erin McNamara-Ankney
Treasurer: Leo Frazier

To donate, check out the fundraising link below.


Fundraising Link: